CJT mission and values

The mission of COOL JAPAN TRADING (Ltd.) (hereafter CJT) is to deliver a wide variety of goods and services to customers, and to expand the width of their choice, and to provide a comfortable life to more people. CJT exports fascinating Japanese products that are not yet known to the other parts of the world, and imports products that are not yet known in Japan.
There is no genre for the products we handle. Our business style is to consider the demand of the market, and to share the risk with the manufacturers who are planning to expand their business, taking advantage of the strong points of both companies, and together develop the overseas market. CJT values the word “together”.
Even if it were a great product, if our heart is not together with the manufacturing company, it would only be a one-sided rivalry for us. Please share us the challenges you are facing in order to expand overseas. Let’s think together, and let us help you for your new stage advance.

【Main Market】

Japan | China | Taiwan | Hong Kong | Singapore | Other South East Asia

CJT Service


Based on the actual situation (actual number), we visualize problems by market analysis, support strategic sales planning, and problem-solving methods (along together). Rather than short-term only, we will contribute in medium to long term for your revenue growth.

Sales destination development

We cover a wide range of products, and practice sales activities in the field. Based on the clients’ needs, we will find your new sale destination.

Profit improvement by the use of IT (both domestic and overseas)

By installing the latest IT system, we will achieve operational efficiency, and will achieve sales growth by increasing product awareness.

Support for establishing overseas companies

From various perspectives such as foreign exchange risk reduction, more companies are thinking of owning an overseas company. Why don’t you consider establishing an overseas company in Hong Kong or Singapore, with effective tax rates? Based on your financial statements data, we will visualize the benefits, and support responsibly until your overseas corporation is established.

Support for acquiring grants and subsidies

There are a variety of grants and subsidies in Japan. We will check if the possibilities apply to your company, and support from paperwork to acquiring.

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