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CEO: Haoli Dai

Foundation:25th Feb, 2015

Capitals:9 million JPY

Head Office: 1-9-2005 HARUMI 5-CHOME, CHUO-KU, TOKYO, JAPAN



CEO Profile

【1987, 0 yeas old】Born in Shenyang (North part of China)

【1994, 7 years old】Come to Japan (Hyogo Prefecture)

【2007, 19 years old】Enter RITSUMEIKAN University
(Science & Engineering Department)

【2010, 21years old】Establish X-CREATORS CO., LTD.,
(Planning and operating tie-up events with Japanese TV station, temporary personnel business, ad agency business)

【2011, 23 years old】Graduate RITSUMEIKAN University

【2011, 23 years old】Start career in MITSUI & CO., LTD
(Chemical Department)

【2014, 27 years old】Graduate MITSUI & CO., LTD
(4 years experience in sales)

【2015, 27 years old】Establish COOL JAPAN TRADING CO., LTD

Start business on own account in order to add various new choices and options for distribution worldwide, from consumers’ point of view.


CEO Message

Hello, my name is Dai (Haoli Dai), representative of this company. I came to Japan from China when I was 7 years old. I was raised in the Japanese tradition and culture, completing compulsory education, high school, and university all in Japan. On the age of 20, for the first time, I traveled overseas besides China, and was shocked to know that not all countries have goods and services that are thought to be ordinary in Japan.
I learnt how wide the world is, and thought if there were this and that kind of things in that country, choices will widen for consumers. At the same time, I thought strongly that I wanted to fill the gap between distribution and service, and joined Mitsui & Co., Ltd. After working with logistics operation (trading) for approximately 4 years, I established a “company which values the final consumers’ point of view”, COOL JAPAN TRADING Co., Ltd. in February 2015. There are many great Japanese products that are not yet known all over the world. In the other hand, there are many products that are not yet known in Japan as well. This is absolutely an opportunity loss for the final consumers. Facing this problem, our company makes an effort to expand choices, and provide comfortable lives to more people, by delivering variety of goods and services to the final consumers.

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  • 5-1-9-2005 Harumi, Chuou-Ku, TOKYO, JAPAN
  • +81-3-6204-9382
  • 03-0000-0001