CJT original “HaO” product series

The origin of “HaO” comes from the Chinese word “Hao”, meaning good, and the letter “O” is from the English word” OK “, meaning simply “good things”. Our products are high of quality with confidence, for they are made on a customer’s point of view, and they will enrich the customer’s lives. It is highly for recommendation.

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From the time you wake up in the morning and wash your face, until your relaxing bath time in the evening, a towel is always there. Even if it is a necessity of life, don’t you think all towels are the same? They actually vary depending on it use, such as the material, absorption, and size, of course. CJT handles the finest quality towels in the world, called Imabari Towel, and deliver safety, comfort and high quality to customers. This inspiration must be tried once.

Imabari Towel

Branded by Kashiwa Sato, 7 out of 10 people in Japan recognize the Imabari Towel brand. Imabari is the nation’s largest towel production region, which produces more than 60% of Japan-made towels. Among all the towels that are produced in Imabari, Imabari Towel refers to those with the following Imabari Towel Brand mark & logo.

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Difference between general Towel and Imabari Towel

The difference between Imabari towels and other towels, is whether it has an Imabari brand logo or not. The brand logo mark of Imabari Towel indicate the towels are manufactured with the quality, innovation, uniqueness, reliability and kindness. The brand mark is licensed by “Shikoku Towel Industry Association”. They guarantee that the towel products are of high quality, which passed the unique qualification standard.

* Accreditation criteria (Example: The towel is to sink within 5 seconds (to pass 2 tests; after initially washing the towel, and after the towel has been washed 3 times)

Water Absorption

It is an essential requirement for the towel to sink in the water within 5 seconds.
Due to the high water absorption, Imabari Towels are gentle to the skin and do not leave your skin feeling sticky after wiping off sweat or drying your body after a bath. Efforts have been made to the manufacturing process so that the towel sustains the water absorption and softness of cotton, and does not to stiffen when washed, without the use of a fabric softener.

Eco-Friendly/Safety for human      

As an eco-friendly towel, our products are ozone bleached in the manufacturing process (* 1), by adopting the TZ acidic enzymatic method (*2), without damaging the fiber of the towel, sustaining the original softness of the cotton wool, and achieving high water absorption. The towels are assured to be safe for babies, because no dangerous chemicals are used.


Hight Quality

The Imabari Towel manufacturing region does not manufacture towels only for appearance and luxury. Based on the use / purpose, the cotton is carefully selected. In order to bring out the advantages of every cotton, bleaching and dyeing of the yarn and raw cloth are carefully done with much time and effort. Imabari Towel is a comfortable and safe brand that gives small burden to the environment, considerate of the people and the earth, by manufacturing good quality towel that is comfortable of use.


Our products Feature

We deal only with comfortable and safe, high quality towels. The Imabari Towel logo is only allowed to be put on when it passes the quality standards established by the “Shikoku Towel Industry Association”. Of course some of the towels stand on the border-line of the standards, and some highly exceed the standards. Among these products, CJT offers only the products that can be recommended with confidence to customers.


CJT also offers original Imabari Towel tailored to customer requirements (OEM). We will carefully make a proposal of high-quality towels that would meet your requirements within your budget. Various purposes can be considered, such as company novelties and wedding ceremony gifts. Please feel free to contact us by email or telephone.


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